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Sawyer and Emily’s Story

Sawyer Hartford and his business partner were looking to invest $75,000 in creating and developing a new app that would help facilitate e-commerce transactions. Then they found Emily, a young, intelligent, and extremely qualified app developer and decided that they wanted to work with her. Both Sawyer and his partner were ready to move forward—with both their money and their pen in hand, ready to sign the agreement contract and get started as soon as possible.

Emily sent over the agreement to Sawyer and his partner to look over. On first-glance, Sawyer could tell that the contract had obvious errors that would have to be corrected. As he flipped through the pages of the confusing, poorly written, and overall sloppy contract, Sawyer decided that it was going to take him too long to review the contract, correct its errors, and make sure it was a “win-win” deal for both himself and for Emily. Because of this, Sawyer and his partner decided not to hire Emily. Time was an issue and they wanted to get their app developed now—not when Emily’s attorney decided that he had time to draft a valid, favorable contract.

Had Emily had a lawyer who actually cared about her, her financials, and her needs, she would have been $75,000 wealthier, just like that. But because her attorney did not draft a contract that was clearly and simply presented, with easy-to-understand terms and a clean format, she missed out on a huge business opportunity. All because of poor drafting by a lawyer who simply did not care enough to ensure her success in her business transactions.

The Importance of Having a Lawyer that Cares

Make sure you work with a lawyer who understands that your contracts and the presentation thereof are important and valuable. Every legal transaction involves some form of contract. From business deals to estate planning to personal injury incidents, having a lawyer by your side that cares about you and your needs is crucial.

Invitation from Springdale Law Group

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