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Immigration, Estate Planning, & Family Law

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Springdale Law Group understands the immigration process sometimes can be frustrating. Our experienced team can help you secure legal status for individuals and families. For employers, we assist with securing and maintaining your foreign legal workforce.

Estate Planning

Have you ever thought about what would happen to you legally and financially if anything happens to you? Springdale Law Group will walk you through a comprehensive wealth management plan to protect you, your family, and your assets.

Family Law

Springdale Law Group’s experienced family law attorneys can help you navigate the emotional and complicated legal processes involved with divorce and family.  Overcome any legal challenges and reach your desired case result with compassionate representation.

Welcome to Springdale Law Group

Springdale Law Group, LLC started as a boutique immigration law firm specializing in employment-based immigration, business-related immigration, and family-based immigration.

We represent clients from all 50 states and people outside of the United States. We have experienced the stressful immigration process, therefore, we have first-hand experience and understand how to accelerate the process. We understand your concerns and needs.

Our goal is to help dynamic companies and individuals to achieve immigration goals.

As we grow, we developed two internal teams. Corporate team is facing employers, we handle employer-employee issues and employment-based immigration. Family team is facing individuals and families, we handle individual immigration petitions, divorce, family disputes, estate planning and business succession planning.

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