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Series LLC

Protect Your Real Estate Investments.

Protect Your Real Estate Investements

A Series LLC is a type of limited liability company (LLC) that is composed of multiple “series” or cells, each of which is a separate protected unit. This means that each series can have its own assets, liabilities, and members, and the liabilities of one series do not affect the assets or liabilities of the other series.

The Series LLC is a relatively new legal structure that is currently only recognized in certain states, including Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.

Having an experienced attorney in your corner to draft your Series LLC agreement is a true advantage. The team at Springdale Law has helped investors secure their Series LLC status quickly and professionally.

Why Real Estate Investors Love Series LLC

  1. Asset Protection: Each series in a Series LLC is considered a separate entity, so the liabilities of one series do not affect the assets of another series. This can provide additional protection for investors’ assets in the event that one of the properties in a series is sued or goes into foreclosure.
  2. Cost Savings: Because each series is considered a separate entity, investors can save on filing fees and other costs associated with forming multiple LLCs.
  3. Flexibility: A Series LLC allows investors to manage multiple properties under one umbrella entity, making it easier to track expenses and revenues.
  4. Tax Efficiency: Because each series can have its own members, it is possible to allocate income and losses to the series that generated them.
  5. With Series LLCs, investors can manage their properties separately and avoid the need to transfer ownership of a property when it is sold.