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Pedestrian Collision & Accident Attorney

Austin, TX

Pedestrian Collision & Accident Attorney in Austin, TX

Despite being known for hike and bike trails and outdoor adventures, Austin can be a dangerous city for pedestrians. Increased traffic throughout the city only means more chances to be injured by a vehicle. Every year thousands of pedestrians are injured or killed as the result of collisions with vehicles. 


Our trained staff and attorneys are here to help you if you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a pedestrian collision.

Pedestrian Accident Client Stories

Client, a pedestrian, took three steps into the cross walk before they were struck by a vehicle which attempted to make the light. Client became lodged under the vehicle and was dragged over one hundred feet along the street. Client suffered a concussion, road rash, and back injuries. 

Client, a disabled pedestrian, was struck while crossing the street in a crosswalk while using a power chair. Driver was texting while driving and distracted when they struck client, necessitating power chair repair and causing injury to client’s arm.

I’ve been in a collision, now what?

If police were not called to the scene:

  • Make sure you get a photograph of the driver’s license or identification card of the other driver so you can identify them later
  • Make sure to get a photograph of the insurance information for the other driver so that you can contact their insurance
  • Make sure to collect the contact information, including the phone number, of the other driver
  • Make sure to take a photograph of the vehicles as they were situated at the time of the collision and before you move them
  • Make sure to take photographs of the damage to your vehicle and the damage to the other person’s vehicle as a result of the collision
  • Make sure you take a photograph that includes the license plate number of the other vehicle


If the police were called to the scene:

  • Be sure to keep the printed form(s) the police gave you
  • Record any officer’s name who you spoke with


Did the collision damage any surrounding property? 

  • If there are any marks to the roadway, sidewalk, or barriers as a result of the collision, take photographs
  • If either vehicle came into contact with the curb, sidewalk, poles, signs, guardrails, or other structures, take photographs
  • Take name and contact information of anyone who witnessed the incident

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