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Slip & Fall Accident Attorney

Austin, TX

Slip & Fall Accidents

Were you injured as the result of slip and fall at someone else’s property? You may be eligible for compensation for your injuries, lost income, and pain and suffering as the result of your slip and fall due to a business’ negligence.

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Slip & Fall Client Stories

Client slipped and fell due to an uneven surface and pothole in an Austin business’ parking lot. The defect was masked by leaves and when client stepped in the defect, they fell and broke their ankle. The defect was not open and obvious because of the leaves and the company was liable because of obvious neglect, the cost to fill the hole was under $10 worth of concrete. 

Client slipped and fell in a large puddle of water in an Austin business. The business was aware that there was an ongoing leak which led to large puddle formation, but failed to warn client of the dangerous condition. While falling, client struck a display, causing a laceration and client’s back and knee were injured as a result of striking the floor.

Client slipped and fell when her ankle struck a bent sharp metal edge of a fitting room door as they attempted to exit the fitting room, causing a laceration to client’s ankle. Client required multiple hospital visits, stitches, was left with a disfiguring scar, and was unable to wear strapped footwear following the injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

What slip and falls might be eligible for compensation?

Businesses and certain individuals who invite others onto property they control are responsible for making sure the property is safe or that they warn those who they invite to the property of any dangerous conditions which are not open and obvious. 

Because the law on slip and falls in Texas is complicated, if you have been injured as the result of a slip and fall, your best option is to contact an attorney.

What should I do if I experience a slip and fall?

If you have any obvious injuries, either you or anyone you are with should take photographs of your location and position, your injuries, and the object or condition which caused you to slip and fall.

Find the nearest store employee and notify them that you have slipped and fallen and let them know of the condition which caused you to fall, and let them know you would like to file a report.

If you are injured enough to require immediate medical attention, let the store employee know to call 9-1-1 and the nature of your emergency.

Make sure that you speak to a manager on duty and explain the nature of the incident and that you would like a copy of any and all company reports.
Seek medical treatment for any and all injuries as soon as your symptoms arise.

What constitutes a warning of a dangerous condition?

Written or oral warnings from employees or a company that an area is dangerous, e.g. Caution: Wet Floor signs in the vicinity of spills or wet floors, or caution tape blocking off an area.

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