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Car Wreck Attorney

Austin, TX

Auto Accident Injuries

No matter how much everyone attempts to avoid them, car wrecks are common.

You should be compensated for any injuries sustained as the result of an auto collision where the other driver is at fault.

Often the damage to your vehicle is obvious, but the damage to your body may be difficult to see until you can feel it several days later.

Further, navigating an insurance claim can be tedious, confusing, time consuming, and difficult. Our trained staff and attorneys deal with insurance claims every day, let us take care of the claims while you focus on treatment for your injuries.

Our trained staff can help you find the care you need to treat your injuries, collect your bills and records, and our attorneys will negotiate with the other party’s insurance and medical providers to get you every penny you deserve.

Our attorneys are not afraid to file suit when needed and will fight for you.

To get our attorneys and staff working for you, give us a call as soon as you’re in a collision. We’re ready to help.

I’ve been in a collision, now what?

If police were not called to the scene:


Make sure you get a photograph of the driver’s license or identification card of the other driver so you can identify them later


Make sure to get a photograph of the insurance information for the other driver so that you can contact their insurance


Make sure to collect the contact information, including the phone number, of the other driver


Make sure to take a photograph of the vehicles as they were situated at the time of the collision and before you move them


Make sure to take photographs of the damage to your vehicle and the damage to the other person’s vehicle as a result of the collision


Make sure you take a photograph that includes the license plate number of the other vehicle


Take name and contact information of anyone who witnessed the incident

Did the collision damage any surrounding property?


If there are any marks to the roadway, sidewalk, or barriers as a result of the collision, take photographs


If either vehicle came into contact with the curb, sidewalk, poles, signs, guardrails, or other structures, take photographs

If the police were called to the scene:


Be sure to keep the printed form(s) the police gave you


Record any officer’s name who you spoke with

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