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Divorce & Family Law

Compassionate Representation

Our Family Law Services

Divorce Proceedings

Comprehensive representation for divorce with your family, children, and future in mind.

Prenup and Postnupual Agreements

Protect yourself and your assets prior to getting married or after. 

Modification of Divorce

Representation in the event your divorce decree needs modification with your goals and peace of mind at the forefront.

How Our Family Law Attorney Can Help You

A common misconception is that family law is all about television-style drama.

And while some family matters can lead to legal or even illegal fighting, that’s not the only area in which family law attorneys can help.

With the right planning and documents, arguments can be avoided.

Just one example is a prenuptial agreement, which two people sign before getting married.

Knowing in advance what will happen financially in the event of a divorce can give both spouses peace of mind.

Plus, a solid agreement will dramatically reduce the costs if a couple divorces.

Estate planning­, especially if you have children under the age of 18, is another area where advance planning can prevent arguments and excessive financial expenses later.

When you work with Springdale Law Firm, you can rest assured that people with experience and compassion will protect your and your family’s future.

We work quickly and thoroughly.

We meet deadlines and never add surprise fees to your bill.

You’ll get fast answers to your questions — even before you pay us a dime.

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