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Dog Bite Attorney

Austin, TX

Dog Bite Attorney in Austin, TX

Austin is a very dog friendly city, but under the wrong circumstances, dogs can injure innocent bystanders. Dog bites are often painful, have difficulty healing, and can even leave scarring and disfigurement which may be corrected via surgery. Those who suffer injuries due to dog bites may be eligible for compensation for their injuries.

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Dog Bite Client Stories

Client was kneeling down and replacing a tire when she was attacked from behind by a dog. The dog bit client’s arm repeatedly, removing skin. The dog had previously attacked other persons with no provocation and had been designated as a dangerous dog. Despite this, the owner allowed the dog to leave the home and enter the parking are without a leash. Client’s arm required surgery, scarred, and client needed reconstructive surgery to minimize scarring. 

Client was visiting a customer’s home when their dog lunged through the front door and savagely attacked client’s leg. Client, a diabetic, experienced an infection and slow recovery time as a result of the attack in addition to scarring. The dog had previously attacked individuals unprovoked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my reporting a bite cause an animal to be euthanized?

Not necessarily. Texas law allows a dog to bite a person once before it is designated as a dangerous dog. If a dog is designated as a dangerous dog, there are additional safety precautions that an owner must take to protect the public from the dog. If the owner fails to do so, the dog may be removed from the owner. If the dog has a prior history of multiple unprovoked bites or if the attack is particularly brutal, the dog may be euthanized to protect the public.

What do I need to do if I have been bitten?

Seek medical attention immediately. Document the injury with photographs prior to and after medical attention.

Dog bite injuries are at high risk for infection and will need to be cleaned and properly kept in order to heal. If you sustain an infection, document it with your doctor and via photographs.

If scarring is produced by the bite, document the placement, size, and severity of the scarring. It is possible that you will be eligible for corrective cosmetic surgery to minimize the appearance of scarring. Take photographs of the healing process.

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