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Case Study

L1 and EB1C Approved Cases

L1 Visas

L-1 Visas are often used by multinational companies to transfer senior employees from overseas parent companies (Parent Company), subsidiary companies (Subsidiary), or affiliate companies (Affiliate Company) to US branches. There are two main types of L-1 visas:

L-1A visa is used to transfer senior managers (Managerial Capacity) or senior executives (Executive Capacity);

The L-1B visa is used to send employees with specialized knowledge and skills that ordinary American workers do not have (Specialized Knowledge Worker)

EB-1C Visa

The EB-1C visa is one of the third types of employment visas in the first priority type of visa. It is mainly suitable for executives and senior managers who work for multinational companies with business establishments in the United States and China to immigrate to the United States and become a permanent residents.

EB1C application procedures are tedious, and applicants are advised to cooperate with immigration attorneys who have sufficient EB1C experience.

Approved Cases

Client A applies for L1—>EB1C

Year: 2018~2019
Company Industry: Asset Management & Investment
Hong Kong company: established in 2000, with 20 employees
American company: established in 2010, with 15 employees
Beneficiary Position: Investment Manager

Client A worked in a Hong Kong company after graduating from university and was gradually promoted from an ordinary employee to a project manager and investment management manager. With the development needs of the American branch, there is an urgent need for experienced executives to manage. In 2016, the Hong Kong company decided to send customer A.

Springdale Law Group undertook this case and applied for a three-year L-1A multinational company manager work visa (2017~2020) for Client A. In 2018, we were entrusted to apply for EB1C immigration for client A. Our team prepared a detailed list of documents according to the current policy and possible RFE requirements and discussed with client A how to prepare these data. In addition to the necessary documents such as the application letter and business plan, which are prepared by us, the company’s Employer explanation letter, helpful recommendation letter, and other applicants can be drafted by us with confidence. After 7 months of waiting, they were directly approved by the Immigration Bureau. We thank customer A for his trust and support in us.

Client B applies for L1—>EB1C

Year: 2018~2019
Company industry: import and export trade
Chinese company: established in 2016, with 17 employees
American company: established in 2016, with 10 employees
Beneficiary Position: CEO
Summary of the case: Client B has worked in the import and export industry for more than 20 years. He started an import and export company by himself in early 2016. Since he already had customers in the United States, he came to the United States to set up a subsidiary in the same year. Client B’s family went through investment immigration in 2015 but was troubled by the scheduling problem.

Springdale Law Group undertook this case and entrusted the Springdale Law Group team to apply for L-1 for him, and planned to continue to apply for EB1C immigration after the successful extension of L-1. So from the first one-year L-1 in 2017 to 2018, the two-year extension was successful. Immediately prepare to submit the EB-C application after the approval of the extension. After the approval of the L-1 extension, although there are shortcomings such as the short establishment of the company, the small size of the company, the lack of funds, the lack of financial status, and personnel changes, after discussing with customer B, for To gain time, it is recommended to mail the EB-1C application as soon as possible. On the basis of the extension, we will do our best to strengthen the application documents. Finally, after waiting for 8 months, I directly received the EB-1C approval notice.

Client D applies for L1A visa

Year: 2019~2020
Company Industry: Interior Design
Chinese company: established in 2019, with 10 employees
American company: established in 2020, with 2 employees
Beneficiary Position: CEO
Brief Facts: The life of being an American interior design entrepreneur was a dream Client D was determined to realize, and for some reason, his B-2 visa application was denied more than 5 times. In 2018, Client D hired a former attorney to file the L-1A petition for him. Client D spent millions of dollars preparing and establishing a business in one of the major business locations in the United States. He was confident that his 2018 L-1A petition would be approved; however, USCIS quickly denied his application.

Springdale Law Group took on the case and believed that the reasons for the denial of his original filings were that they had not been explained in detail as they should have been. We explained every piece of evidence and built a solid network of references to substantiate every eligibility requirement. The attorney support letter alone ran to 70 pages, and after countless hours of constant revisions, strategy meetings, and refinements, we custom-crafted an RFE, Presenting Client D’s qualifications as clearly and directly as possible makes it very easy for the magistrate to read and refer to the corresponding evidence. After a long wait, client D’s case was successfully passed.

Client C applies for L1B

Year: 2021
Company Industry: Bulk Consumer Goods
Chinese company: established in 2019, with 200 employees
American company: Established in 2020, with 50 employees
Beneficiary Position: Account Manager
Brief Facts: Client C had a rare opportunity to come to the United States to work for a large consumer products company. As a qualified candidate, Client C was well-suited for this highly specialized position. Provide evidence that can prove his ability, coupled with his poor interview performance, his L1B visa application was rejected, and he was frustrated.

Springdale Law Group Spring undertook this case and provided Client C with a detailed questionnaire to fully understand his job responsibilities and professional knowledge beyond the usual working hours. A checklist is also provided with suggestions for other documents he should provide to demonstrate his expertise. Due to the cooperation of our team and Client C, Client C has a large number of documents to demonstrate his expertise, which provides his Action and builds confidence. Our attorneys discussed the entire process with Client C and edited and rewritten the attorney brief to help him achieve his goals, and Client C’s case went through without an RFE. We thank Client C for his trust.

Focus on Approved Rate

Industries involved in L1 visa and EB1C


Textile finishing, manufacture of garments, reproduction of recorded media, manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings

Manufacture of Plastic Products

Production of electronic components and electronic boards, manufacture of communication equipment, manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment

Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment, etc.

Construction Industry

Construction of buildings, construction of roads and railways, electrical installation, building renovation and decoration, installation of plumbing, heating and other components

Wholesale and retail trade

Wholesale of Household Goods, Wholesale of Textiles, Clothing, and Shoes

Shipping and Storage International Property Management

Pipeline, inland, rail, air freight

Accommodation service activities

Information and communication, Production of books, films, videos, television programs

Financial and insurance activities, trusts, foundations and similar financial entities Professional, scientific and technical activities

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Attorney Zhang was born and raised in China. She is a licensed attorney in the People’s Republic of China and the State of Illinois. Her unique background and bicultural career make her passionate about foreign labor compliance and U.S. immigration law. She focuses on high-end talent green card applications and non-immigrant visas, such as EB2-NIW, EB1A, H-1b, H-2B, TN, O-1, PERM and I-140.



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