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Kevin Sanchez

Client Service Director (Spanish)

Phone: (512) 575-2666 x2000

Email: kevin.s@springdalelaw.net

Case Manager Kevin Sanchez was born in an immigrant family. His mother is from Honduras and his father is from Colombia. Kevin is a native Spanish speaker and is fluent in English.

His parents immigrated to the U.S. decades ago so he inherited the Latino culture and can thus easily connect with Hispanic clients who face the complexity of the U.S. immigration system and bear the emotional weight of going through such a long process. He understands the fear and challenges many immigrants have been facing. It is a brave move to leave everything behind and move to the U.S. to pursue better opportunities for families. He is motivated to help them make their American dreams come true.

As a case manager at Springdale Law Group, Kevin has developed a deep interest in immigration law. He mainly focuses on family-based immigration, business immigration, VAWA, asylum, U-visa, and SIJ visas. He has helped immigrants unite in the U.S., and helped entrepreneurs to expand their businesses to the U.S.

In addition, he has contributed his time to mastering family law and elder law. He aims to devote himself to helping Hispanic families in terms of divorce disputes, child support, spousal maintenance, child custody, will, living trust, and elder law.


B.A. in Criminal Justice, University of Houston

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