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How Will 2020 Election Effect the Immigration Policy: New Hope for Immigrants

Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States. Good news for most of immigrants. This last four years under trump’s administration is a nightmare for most of immigrants. Under trump’s "zero-tolerance immigration policy”, every immigrants have a reason to worry. 

Let’s look how Biden will bring hope into immigration:

1. U.S.-Mexico Boarder:

Biden will stop trump’s construction of U.S.-Mexican boarder wall

2. DACA program (so called “dreamers” )

Biden will make DACA program permanent, then first DACA applicants will be accepted

3. Family separation

Biden will stop family separation at the U.S.-Mexico boarder

4. Travel ban

Biden will end trump’s executive order banning travelers from Muslin-majority countries

5. Refugee

Biden will raise the annual ceiling of refugee admission to 125,000. Currently Trump only allows no more than 15,000 refugees in the 2021 fiscal year. he would “immediately” grant humanitarian protections to Venezuelans living in the United States, which would allow them to remain in the country and obtain work permits. He cited economic hardship in that country under the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

6. Skilled foreign workers

Trump increased the minimum wage and narrow the definition of specialty occupations, which means less immigrants would be qualified.


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