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I’ve been in a car accident. What should I do next?

I’ve been in a car accident. What should I do next?

Car accidents are scary and frustrating! As a driver, you can do everything right and still end up in an accident due to another driver’s actions. This usually includes damage to your car and damage to your body. It causes unexpected pain, expense, loss of work, and...

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What happens to the house?

What happens to the house?

One of the biggest concerns my clients have is regarding their property and debt accumulated during the marriage. Financial issues are a common cause of divorce and the fear that you will lose the house or end up with a lot of debt from divorce prevents a lot of...

How Long does a Divorce take??

How Long does a Divorce take??

Many people wonder how long it will take get a divorce once they have finally decided that it is time to get a divorce. The main determining factor of how long a divorce can take is whether it is an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce. An uncontested divorce is...

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