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What to do after being in a car accident?

Car accidents are scary and frustrating! As a driver, you can do everything right and still end up in an accident due to another driver’s actions. This usually includes damage to your car and damage to your body. It causes unexpected pain, expense, loss of work, and in general, is a major inconvenience.

Hiring an attorney should be your first step after a car accident because an attorney will help you through the whole process. An attorney will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf to get your car fixed which can be vital for getting back to work. Once you hire an attorney, all you have to focus on is getting the right medical treatment so you can get on the road to regaining your health.

Why hiring an attorney for accident is important to you?

Hiring an attorney as soon as possible is really important because if you contact the insurance company even for the most basic information like how to get your car fixed, you might say something that helps the insurance company deny liability for their driver. Insurance companies are always trying to deny liability for their driver so they don’t have to pay for your medical bills and car repair bills! They will even try to shift some or all of the blame onto you! Insurance adjusters do this all day every day so they know every tactic in the book to shift the blame so they have to pay less. So it definitely helps to have an attorney who knows how to deal with insurance adjusters in your corner.

If you’ve been in any car accident and have some kind of injury or pain that resulted from it, please feel free to call us for a free consultation!