How Are We Different From Traditional Law Firms?

Our goal is to be your family wealth plan advisor guiding you on how to design estate planning to avoid probate, family conflicts, creditors, and future spouse. We are honored to get to know your family and family dynamic. 


  • 1-2 Weeks Turnaround...Guaranteed!

  • Flat Fee Pricing. No Surprising Fees

  • Do It Right at First Time. We do simple plans and customized plans. If you choose a simple plan, you might need to redo your plan in the near future. If you choose customized plans, we walk you through all your options and assist you to plan it right for once.

  • No Cookie-Cutter Plans

  • Personalized Services 

  • We Make Sure The Process Simply and Straightforward. When you are walking out of my office, you know exactly each term of your plan. In a traditional law firm, lawyers tend to everything confusing and complicated and clients left the office with a fancy binder full of documents. 

  • Team Support. The well-trained team members will do their best to provide a response on the same day

  • Keep it Up to Date. We review your plan once three years for free to make sure your plans are still working and fit your needs considering the law is changing and your family structure might change too. In a traditional law firm, no one reminds you if your plan needs to be updated. 

  • $0 Initial Consultation 

  • More Than 1,000 Clients Served

  • More Than 5-Star Reviews Online

  • No More Stressing or Procrastinating