Top 5 Reasons Why Choose Us

1. Professional Service

Your case will be handled by experienced attorneys. Immigration attorneys at Springdale Law Group are well-trained and have years of experience in processing immigration and non-immigration petitions. They are creative in seeking solutions about how to hire talented foreign laborers and secure work authorizations.

2. Effective Communication

Each client will have an assigned experienced attorney to work on your case. You will only need to communicate with your assigned attorney regarding the strategy, timeline, process, fee, required documents, and updates.

3. Case Submission In a Timely Fashion

We do not hold on to cases because we understand the sensitive timeline for employers and foreign national workers. Once you retain us, we will try to finalize your case in a timely fashion.

4. Passion & First-Hand Experience

We are passionate about immigration compliance. Our firm hires foreign nationals and provides H1-B sponsorship. We understand the cost of acquiring and keeping talented workers and the importance of workforce stability. We routinely provide special training to HRs regarding the sponsorship, timeline, and costs of H1-B work visas and permanent residency. On the other hand, most of our staff are first or second immigrant generation. They have been personally experienced the imperfect immigration process like most highly-skilled workers. Therefore, we will treat your case as our own case. 

5. Up-to-Date Immigration Data Center

We represent clients from all 50 states for immigration. Every year, we have processed hundreds and thousands of non-immigration and immigration petitions in a variety of Field Offices, Service Centers, and the National Benefits Center, so we keep updated data about processing time, common issues on request for evidence letters, standards of proof and approval rate.

Corporate Clients:

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