H-1B Speciality Occupations 
Recent Approved H1-B Petitions
  • H1-B Accountant

  • H1-B Architecture

  • H1-B Analyst-Tech Products (Sr.)

  • H1-B Application Developer/Engineer ServiceData Engineer (Sr.)

  • H1-B Application Development Manager

  • H1-B Applications Development and Support Engineer

  • H1-B Budget Analyst

  • H1-B Business Intelligence Analyst

  • H1-B Cyber Security Engineer (Sr.)

  • H1-B Chef/Line Cook

  • H1-B CRM Siebel Developer

  • H1-B Director, Data Management & Analytics

  • H1-B Data Warehouse Developer (Sr.)

  • H1-B Data Engineer (Sr.)

  • H1-B Director, Data Management & Analytics

  • H1-B Engineer (Commercial/Civil/Industrial/Material)

  • H1-B Engineer-Software Test Lead (Sr.)

  • H1-B Financial Analyst

  • H1-B Human Resource Specialist

  • H1-B IT Operations Analyst (Sr.)

  • H1-B IT Business Analyst (Sr.)

  • H1-B Information Security Engineer

  • H1-B Java Software Engineer (Sr.)

  • H1-B J2EE Technical Lead (Sr.)

  • H1-B Lawyer/Law Clerk

  • H1-B Model Validation Analyst

  • H1-B Model Development Lead

  • H1-B Marketing/Compensation and Benefits/Construction Managers

  • H1-B Network Engineer (Sr.)

  • H1-B OpenShift Platforms Architect

  • H1-B Principal Quality Engineer

  • H1-B Principal Software Engineer

  • H1-B Quantitative Model Developer

  • H1-B QA Desktop Application Analyst

  • H1-B Software Engineer (Sr.)

  • H1-B Systems Analyst (Sr.)

  • H1-B Technical Business Analysis Engineer

Zoom Webinar [Free]: 2022 H1-B Cap Filing Immigration Compliance for Human Resources


Time: 1/12/2022 4CT/2PT/5ET

Summary: This one-hour H1-B webinar provides a comprehensive overview of H1-Bs for Human Resource professionals and business owners who hire or wish to hire talented foreign nationals. This one-hour webinar will cover H1-B basics, as well as provide an in-depth look at how to improve approval rates. Finally, this webinar will address what to expect in Requests for Evidence (RFEs) and how to tackle those issues. This webinar provides hands-on practice tips and predictions for 2023.

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