H-1B Speciality Occupations 
Recent Approved H1-B Petitions
  • H1-B Accountant

  • H1-B Architecture

  • H1-B Analyst-Tech Products (Sr.)

  • H1-B Application Developer/Engineer ServiceData Engineer (Sr.)

  • H1-B Application Development Manager

  • H1-B Applications Development and Support Engineer

  • H1-B Budget Analyst

  • H1-B Business Intelligence Analyst

  • H1-B Cyber Security Engineer (Sr.)

  • H1-B Chef/Line Cook

  • H1-B CRM Siebel Developer

  • H1-B Director, Data Management & Analytics

  • H1-B Data Warehouse Developer (Sr.)

  • H1-B Data Engineer (Sr.)

  • H1-B Director, Data Management & Analytics

  • H1-B Engineer (Commercial/Civil/Industrial/Material)

  • H1-B Engineer-Software Test Lead (Sr.)

  • H1-B Financial Analyst

  • H1-B Human Resource Specialist

  • H1-B IT Operations Analyst (Sr.)

  • H1-B IT Business Analyst (Sr.)

  • H1-B Information Security Engineer

  • H1-B Java Software Engineer (Sr.)

  • H1-B J2EE Technical Lead (Sr.)

  • H1-B Lawyer/Law Clerk

  • H1-B Model Validation Analyst

  • H1-B Model Development Lead

  • H1-B Marketing/Compensation and Benefits/Construction Managers

  • H1-B Network Engineer (Sr.)

  • H1-B OpenShift Platforms Architect

  • H1-B Principal Quality Engineer

  • H1-B Principal Software Engineer

  • H1-B Quantitative Model Developer

  • H1-B QA Desktop Application Analyst

  • H1-B Software Engineer (Sr.)

  • H1-B Systems Analyst (Sr.)

  • H1-B Technical Business Analysis Engineer

H1-B RFE Common Issues

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