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Caroline and Connor Morrison were loving parents to three young boys. However, in June 2010, their lives were tragically cut short in a car accident. While their sons survived the accident, Caroline and Connor did not. This was just the beginning of a difficult journey for their children.

According to court records from the guardianship case of the Morrison boys, Caroline and Connor had discussed the possibility of naming guardians for their children in case something happened to them. However, they never got around to documenting their wishes. They likely assumed that their family would be able to work out who would care for their sons if anything happened.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. After the accident, which occurred in Tennessee while the family was traveling, the boys were placed in foster care for a short time while authorities located family members. The first family member found was an aunt who took custody of the boys and kept them away from other family members.

The boys then went to live with this aunt while a legal battle ensued over who would raise them. Over 1,000 pages of court documents were filed, and 9 lawyers were involved in the case. Tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on legal fees.

In the end, the court-appointed a different aunt as the boys’ legal guardian. It is unknown if this was the outcome that Caroline and Connor would have wanted for their children. Their story serves as a reminder of the importance of documenting your wishes for the care of your children in case of an unforeseen tragedy.

Importance of Child Lifetime Planning

We can learn from this story the importance of not just having a simple will, but instead having an additional comprehensive Child Lifetime Planning in place, and developing a relationship with a lawyer who will make sure that plan works and be there for your family when you cannot be. Caroline and Connor Morrison had discussed the possibility of naming guardians for their children but never got around to documenting their wishes. This led to a legal battle between family members over who would care for their sons. By taking the time to document our wishes, we can help ensure that our children are raised by the people we want and in the way we want, even if we are no longer there to care for them ourselves.

If You Have Already Named A Guardian, Do You Have A Backup Candidate?

Child Lifetime Planning is a crucial step in ensuring that your children are taken care of in the event of an unexpected tragedy. Child Lifetime Planning is a key legal document to have backup candidates in case the appointed guardian is unable to perform their duties. Unfortunately, there have been many instances where a named guardian was unable to fulfill their responsibilities due to unforeseen circumstances.

If You Have Already Named A Guardian, Do You Have A Short-Term Candidate?

Moreover, short-term guardianship is also crucial in such cases. For instance, if you live far away from the appointed guardians, a short-term guardian can step in and take care of your children immediately in case of an emergency. This ensures that your kids won’t be sent to unfamiliar places, away from their friends, which can cause additional harm to them.

If You Have Already Named A Guardian, Do You Exclude Certain Family Members To Be The Guardian?

Most importantly, in the Child Lifetime Planning, you can exclude some family members to be the guardian of your children, just in case, the judge is involved and appoints someone you don’t think it’s a good fit to be your children’s guardian. 


In conclusion, Child Lifetime Planning is an essential aspect of protecting your children’s future, and it’s important to consider all possible scenarios to ensure that your kids are safe and secure no matter what happens.

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